Transitions are an important part of a Swimrun event because you are constantly moving from swimming to running, back to swimming, and so on. One of the top questions we get is for the best way to do those transitions in a quick, efficient, and repeatable way. We are not claiming this is the only way to do a Swimrun transition, but it is a great place to start and test out in your own Swimrun training or even in your living room!

Step 1: Stand up as soon it makes sense to do so at the end of your swim

Step 2: Release fingers from paddles

Step 2: Release pull buoy and mount behind you. (If you need help with this check out our lasso style mount video)

Step 3: Put your goggles up

Step 4: Run!

Step 1: Put your goggles on and make sure that they are properly placed on your face

Step 2: Release pull buoy from mount and position between legs

Step 3: Fingers in paddles

Step 4: Swim!

This is a great place to start for anyone looking to improve their Swimrun transitions.

We would love to hear how you optimize your transitions, so send us an email or DM on Instagram if you have something we can improve on or share something that works for you that could work for others.

See you out there!