Athletes need to carry ALL their equipment on their person from start to finish – Mandatory and Optional gear.
Before race start and at race finish, athletes will be randomly selected for a check of the mandatory equipment. If the athletes are missing any of the equipment required, they will not be allowed to start or may be disqualified.

There will be race marshalls positioned throughout the course who will be monitoring athlete gear to ensure the rules are followed throughout the course.

  • Swimsuit/Racesuit:
    The most obvious item is your swimsuit/racesuit/swimwear. Make sure you are comfortable running in them prior to race day.
  • Running Shoes:
    Sturdy and versatile running shoes are essential for the run leg portions of the race. Look for shoes that drain water well, offer good traction, and provide support. Remember, you must swim with your shoes on so a nice pair of lightweight shoes would be best.
  • Whistle (strongly recommended)
    1 whistle, easily accessible so you are able to use it during the swims.This will help the water safety team assist you, or your team member, if you require assistance in the swim legs.
  • Swim Cap
    One will be provided to you on the day.
  • SWIMRUN suit:
    A SWIMRUN-specific wetsuit is typically worn throughout the race. These wetsuits are designed to provide buoyancy and flexibility in both water and on land. They often have additional features like pockets for storing small items and easy ventilation options for the running segments. We recommend a wetsuit in waters with temperatures below 18 degrees celsius.
  • Goggles:
    We recommend a pair of comfortable and well-fitting goggles to navigate through the water.
  • Trail Running Attire:
    Wear moisture-wicking and quick-drying clothing suitable for both swimming and running. Many participants opt for a lightweight and breathable combination of shorts or tights and a swim top or quick-drying shirt.
  • Hand Paddles and Pull Buoy:
    Some athletes prefer to use hand paddles to assist with swimming and pull buoys to provide additional buoyancy. These must be attached to your person during run legs. Pull buoys cannot exceed 32cm x 30cm x 15cm.
  • Hydration and Nutrition:
    Depending on the length of the event, you may want to carry hydration and nutrition supplies. This could include energy gels, bars, or a hydration pack if allowed. There will be two hydration stations available, at the short course turning point and the long course turning point.
  • Tow Line/Tether (Optional):
    In team events, participants may use a tow line to stay connected while swimming, helping to maintain pace and offer support. The maximum length is 10m.
  • Dry Bag or SWIMRUN Transition Towel:
    A dry bag can be useful for carrying extra gear, snacks, and other necessities. Some participants also use a SWIMRUN transition towel to quickly dry off before transitioning to the running portion. Remember to keep it light – as you will be swimming and running with this throughout the race.
  • Team members must complete each leg together, and not be more than 10m apart throughout the race
  • Obey directions issued by event staff, water safety and medical staff
  • Carry all equipment used throughout the race on their persons at all times
  • Entrants must be considerate to members of the general public throughout the course. The course is not a closed course
  • Any gels, nutrition wrappers, rubbish, etc, must be carried until they can be disposed of within appropriate rubbish bins. Time penalties and possible disqualification may be issued to anyone caught littering throughout the course.
  • The course is subject to change
  • All equipment used within the race must be in safe working order
  • Please refer to Elite Energy’s terms and conditions and refund policy – https://www.eliteenergy.com.au/refund-transfer-policy/
  • Further rules and conditions within the event registration must be adhered to (agreed to at time of registration.